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Wines from the heart of Soave

Gelmino e Cristina Dal Bosco


The area of Soave covers approximately 6,500 hectares, includes 13 municipalities and is, without a doubt, the most important classification for viticulture in the Veneto region.

This large territory, deserving of the title "largest vineyard in Europe", has three sub-divisions:

  • the classic area, also known as the “historic area”, which is completely hilly and has a surface area of around 1700 hectares (4200 acres). Centred on the hills around two municipalities: Monteforte d'Alpone and Soave. Only the grapes produced and vinified in this area can bear the name "CLASSIC";
  • the wider area of Colli Scaligeri which covers a surface area of around 2400 hectares (5930 acres);
  • the wider area of Soave DOC with a surface area of around 2400 hectares (5930 acres)

Extensive research work by the Soave Consortium and other organizations in recent years has identified various places within the DOC, each delimited and defined by their own unique characteristics. It is justly this concept of cru which enhances our understanding of The viticultural landscape. In fact, there isn’t just one type of Soave but various shades of this complex wine, all linked to the typicity of the terroir and the environmental subtleties.

Our company’s vineyards are all located within the territory of "Brognoligo" and more precisely are found in the vicinity of Monte Castellaro, towards Le Battistelle, Valle delle Rugate, Tremenalto, Monte Grande, Monte Carbonare.


Soave was the first in Italy to be recognized as an area for ‘typical and prestigious’ wines in a Royal Decree in 1936. The combination of soil characteristics and climate here has meant that only the most suitable grape varieties have succeeded in demonstrating great quality, time and time again.

Garganega, a native grape variety, must account for at least 70% of the wine but it can be supplemented by up to 30% of Trebbiano di Soave, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc.

Le Battistelle uses only 100% Garganega for their Soave wines; it is not a variety that possesses a huge range of aromas but it allows the wine to evolve over time into something quite remarkable.


The vineyards of Brognoligo are more hidden away, in comparison to others located in easily visible areas (such as those that look out onto the Milan-Venice motorway) and are more inaccessible since there are no big urban roads in the area.

Visiting these vineyards means embarking upon a journey through an area that, due to its isolation has remained largely intact, far away from environmental pollution (even today, in Brognoligo, there are no industrial estates.)

Here the fragmentation of the different plots is more extreme and the average age of the vineyards much older than in other areas. The matrix of the soils - predominantly volcanic - has enabled the Garganega to express itself to the highest level of quality and to create wines with their own unique and distinctive characteristics. These are complex wines, capable of ageing, but wines that need time...


Our viticulture respects the life and natural balance of the vineyards. We only use essential agronomic practices, which therefore means limiting the use of pesticides and other plant-protection products.

The aim is to protect our vines through a holistic approach to pest control, thus making use of the various techniques available, but only when really necessary, because viticulture is not just about cultivating the vineyard, but also taking care of the environment...

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